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Wendy Goudie


Dec 11 at 09:08 PM

Winter Collections are ready!   

These are an opportunity to increase and/or keep up your yoga care, as we finish 2023 and head into 2024.

It’s so important to focus on improving and maintaining your health - in a gentle and supportive way!

Choose the Winter collection that best suits you, complete all the videos in a winter collection TWICE between now and Jan 31, 2024 and be entered in a draw for a two live sessions one to one sessions with me, one in Feb, one in March.

Post in the community group - here! -  throughout the process and share which collection you are doing, which videos you enjoy or found challenging.

I’ll do the draw and announce the winner in the community group the first week of Feb!

You can find the four winter collections in the main video library. 


May 19 at 06:01 PM

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I've canoed over and am set up for some reading, meditation, and a walk the woods.  Ready for a great weekend! 

What does your weekend look like? 


Apr 26 at 10:44 PM

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John has been busy clearing trails and building on the Sparkle Life property! It may only be accessible by canoe (for now), but the first yoga deck is taking shape! 

A gorgeous area, tucked in, right off the back of the pond, has been leveled and have the base is down. The sun hits it straight on, for best sunrise location! 

Mar 27 at 02:14 PM

SO glad you liked it! More like this coming. ;)

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Feb 07 at 08:53 PM

Early Feb - Check in time! I am minus 2 inches on my hips, lower abs and waist.   4 inches off my bust, 1 off each thigh and each upper arm.  Hip pain still a 1,  neck pain is a 3.  I'm feeling WAY stronger, much more stable, springy - generally WAY better.  Excited for the March check in - I'll do new photos for that one.   I hope you are all doing great on the Guide To Your Goals program as well!

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Jan 13 at 05:14 PM

Jan 13th UPDATE -  my hip pain is down to a 1 - sometimes.  Just a little hitch every once in while.  I've solved the neck challenge - it's coming from my shoulder blade and I've got it down to a 3.  It's stubborn and going to take time - but now that I've sorted it out and am working on it.    It's tight and sore, which is a big step up from painful. :) It'll be fixed up in no time! It's from too much sitting at the desk...   Teaching live on line and editing - that's 100% the culprit.   So I'm figuring out ways to get up and move every hour. I'm working out, doing yoga and dancing up a storm - so I'm on track. :)

Jan 02 at 01:16 PM

The baseline video will go up JAN 3. I've got all the exercises demonstrated, for chair yoga to fit funky folks. You can collect all the data for the Guide To Your Goals Workbook with that video! Enjoy all the initial planning and revising until then!


Jan 01 at 02:06 PM

Sparkle Life TV's 'Guide To Your Goals' is workbook, designed for YOU to create your health and wellness goals - so they last.

In the 'Guide To Your Goals' video (in New and Updates) - I walk you through the workbook, using my own goals as the example so you can create a unique plan that addresses YOU specifically.

We're all in this together! I'm doing it too...sharing it all with you. :)

  1. Watch the video

  2. Download the workbook from "resources" that go along with the video (most of you have opted out of emails - so I can't send you )

  3. Tell me about it here on the community page

Happy 2023 - I'm so excited to do this together!


Dec 30 at 09:45 PM

The lofty goals we are encouraged to set by the health and fitness industry are abounding!!!

I have a different approach for all of us here on Sparkle Life TV!

I DO NOT have pre-made plan. Every body is unique. Our goals are different and I have always believed - one size does not fit all.

I'm going to guide you to and through a program that YOU create, because you know your time commitments, and you know what activities you enjoy doing. If you like gentle yoga or chair yoga – then those are the classes you'll use to reach your goals. If you like fitness, working with weights and doing cardio, then then those are classes you'll use for your plan. Mat yoga is your main focus? Great – your whole plan can consist of Mat yoga!

A successful plan is only successful if you can sustain it – so let's create it together, based on what you already works for you. You know you can do, and what you enjoy.

Your plan starts as soon as you have it ready. You'll track your progress along the way and have access to support, encouragement and accountability right here, in our community page – where we are all in this together.

Watch for your workbook through email on January 1st.

Watch the "New Years Workbook" video in the “News & Events” category, also coming out on January 1st.

I'll walk you though it all, step by step, and share my own goals, my personal answers to all the questions, and I use my own plan as an example to help you set up yours.

Let's create the perfect, personal plan for YOU. It's going to be a fabulous year!


Dec 10 at 06:03 AM

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Wylee the bun has no idea how good he has it.. or maybe he does.. ?

If he's not snuggled like a baby, or having Calvin and Hobbs comics read to him, he can be found lounging by the fire with his BFF Murph.