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June 13
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Well, we tried to film an episode in Baddeck, Cape Breton...and the bugs won.  The lighting was perfect from 530-6am, with no bugs anywhere! This is just long enough to get set up. 😒 The mist and fog rolled in until noon and then the day was gorgeous again - with a buzzing or black we put on our nets and loads of spray and headed out to hike for scenic shots to share.    It will be a stunning episode, but the yoga will be shot at home in our bug free studio 

June 11

Well, we are officially on the island of Newfoundland!  The 8-hour ferry ride from Cape Breton was fantastic.   I must have got at least 3 hours of yoga I have a sunburn across my face to show it!  

Before leaving the Sydney harbor we visited the Alexander Graham Bell museum which we are excited to share with you in an upcoming Chair Yoga episode.   😁🧘

May 11
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Hi everyone!   As I'm sure you've learned by now - radio silence means plans are being formulated!   John and I are VERY excited to announce advancements in our filming and locations. :)  

If you are enjoying the the Gentle and Mat Yoga classes, you can look forward to a variety of stunning locations, with scenery and sites you may not be able to see in person. Perhaps these classes will even inspire you to explore and take a trip!  ..And see that you can maintain your practice anywhere. 

Chair Yoga folks can get ready for classes with more entertainment, while our family shares education about towns, parks and sights where the classes are filmed.  You can be a part of a mini-holiday and explore something new while you stretch and strengthen during your yoga time!

We launch this addition to classes late summer 2024, as we take you to Newfoundland and Cape Breton.  Enjoy your classes with icebergs, zip lines, small towns, gorgeous parks and epic scenery, all from the comfort of your own home!

December 11, 2023

Winter Collections are ready!   

These are an opportunity to increase and/or keep up your yoga care, as we finish 2023 and head into 2024.

It’s so important to focus on improving and maintaining your health - in a gentle and supportive way!

Choose the Winter collection that best suits you, complete all the videos in a winter collection TWICE between now and Jan 31, 2024 and be entered in a draw for a two live sessions one to one sessions with me, one in Feb, one in March.

Post in the community group - here! -  throughout the process and share which collection you are doing, which videos you enjoy or found challenging.

I’ll do the draw and announce the winner in the community group the first week of Feb!

You can find the four winter collections in the main video library. 

September 09, 2023

Wylee is a good yoga helper

September 09, 2023

I'm at this "certain age"

May 19, 2023
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I've canoed over and am set up for some reading, meditation, and a walk the woods.  Ready for a great weekend! 

What does your weekend look like? 

April 26, 2023
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John has been busy clearing trails and building on the Sparkle Life property! It may only be accessible by canoe (for now), but the first yoga deck is taking shape! 

A gorgeous area, tucked in, right off the back of the pond, has been leveled and have the base is down. The sun hits it straight on, for best sunrise location! 

January 16, 2023

My goals are:

-Increased flexibility in my quads

-I have to build strength in my abs. My core is weak!

-I want stronger arms, biceps and forearms. They get tired quickly.

-I took waist measurement and want to lose a tiny bit.

I did the baseline workout and will compare my numbers at my first check in - which will be in mid February.

I’m basing my improvement both on the numbers and on how I feel on a daily basis.

Great program Wendy! Thank you!!!

January 01, 2023
• Edited (Jan 01, 2023)

Sparkle Life TV's 'Guide To Your Goals' is workbook, designed for YOU to create your health and wellness goals - so they last.

In the 'Guide To Your Goals' video (in New and Updates) - I walk you through the workbook, using my own goals as the example so you can create a unique plan that addresses YOU specifically.

We're all in this together! I'm doing it too...sharing it all with you. :)

  1. Watch the video

  2. Download the workbook from "resources" that go along with the video (most of you have opted out of emails - so I can't send you )

  3. Tell me about it here on the community page

Happy 2023 - I'm so excited to do this together!