December 30, 2022

The lofty goals we are encouraged to set by the health and fitness industry are abounding!!!

I have a different approach for all of us here on Sparkle Life TV!

I DO NOT have pre-made plan. Every body is unique. Our goals are different and I have always believed - one size does not fit all.

I'm going to guide you to and through a program that YOU create, because you know your time commitments, and you know what activities you enjoy doing. If you like gentle yoga or chair yoga – then those are the classes you'll use to reach your goals. If you like fitness, working with weights and doing cardio, then then those are classes you'll use for your plan. Mat yoga is your main focus? Great – your whole plan can consist of Mat yoga!

A successful plan is only successful if you can sustain it – so let's create it together, based on what you already works for you. You know you can do, and what you enjoy.

Your plan starts as soon as you have it ready. You'll track your progress along the way and have access to support, encouragement and accountability right here, in our community page – where we are all in this together.

Watch for your workbook through email on January 1st.

Watch the "New Years Workbook" video in the “News & Events” category, also coming out on January 1st.

I'll walk you though it all, step by step, and share my own goals, my personal answers to all the questions, and I use my own plan as an example to help you set up yours.

Let's create the perfect, personal plan for YOU. It's going to be a fabulous year!