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December 27, 2022

Fit Funky Flexible Workouts

--Luscious Legs & Salsa

--Cardio & Ballet

--Core & Bellydance

15min Fitness Strength Sessions

--Love Your Tummy

--Luscious Legs

--Cardio Blast

--Pumpin' Arms

Gentle Yoga

--Strength & Support – Glutes, Quads and Core

--The Vikki Special

Mat Yoga

--Standing Strong Series #3

--Back Bending Basics

Seated Dance – 4 new routines!

Chair Yoga

--Two 45 min seated full body sessions

--Two 45 standing full body sessions

I'm so excited for 2023! After a year of planning and moving and another year to 'finding the new rhythm' - we've got it and I now can really GO! See you soon! <3 <3 :)